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Custom-Made Spanish Classes For Busy Professionals

Learn to speak Spanish like a native!  The Inga’s Lingua’s Spanish Immersion Course is designed for people who don’t have time to study but want to learn how to really speak … Continue reading

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Sing-A-Long Language Learning for Adults (Spanish – Basics)

There are a million reasons why learning a second language is difficult. Having a busy schedule and reduced concentration for the effort are additional factors that make learning a foreign … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late… To Learn a New Language

Since the age of about 13, I have always thought that I was too old to learn a foreign language fluently.  When I decided to make a career change from … Continue reading

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Celebrity Language Learner Profile (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress and business woman with a style blog called GOOP, which is also available in Spanish, a language that she speaks. Check out this video of … Continue reading

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Online vs. In-Person

One of the biggest issues we see in the language learning market is the ability for a student to be able to keep up lessons.  Busy professionals tend to have … Continue reading

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Playing in Spanish

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate language learning into daily activities.  How’s taking something you normally do, and just doing it in Spanish?  Like this monopoly game for example. … Continue reading

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The Only 1 Who Doesn’t Know What’s Going On…

I first heard Mila Kunis speak in Russian while promoting a movie with Justin Timberlake called Friends with Benefits.  They were in Russia and she was speaking on behalf of … Continue reading

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DESIGN SURVEY: Immersion Spanish Course

Speaking a foreign language feels like one of the most unattainable goals that we all reach for.  We see the people who speak a second language as so cool.  They … Continue reading

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Agradecer (v): to be grateful

Originally posted on Palabras en Acción:
¡Feliz Dia de Gracias! …Wait, what? What is that day? ….Isn’t that in July? The 4th right? ….Is that the day where everyone…

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Spanish Vocabulary Words (12-7-14)

Follow @ingaslingua on Instagram and Twitter or on Facebook at for help building your Spanish vocabulary. We’ll review one word each day this week – don’t miss a day! … Continue reading

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Easy Learning with a Language Labeled Life

What are some of the reasons that studying a foreign language abroad is so effective? I have one – everything you see is labeled in the language of that country, … Continue reading

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